Womens Suits

Our master tailor has been making womens suits for over 30 years, and we are proud to offer it as part of our service. To ensure a perfect fit we construct all our ladies suits using our Traditional Bespoke method.

Bespoke Womens Suits

The design of the suit is a close collaboration between customer and tailor, from the look and feel of the suit to the number of buttons, length of jacket and positioning of darts.

From initial measurement to final fitting, the same consultant will provide expert advice and transparent pricing throughout the experience.  You are encouraged to bring photographs of designer womens suits you like, and we will even sketch out a design for you during the consultation if the need arises.

With over 2000 of the finest British cloths and almost unlimited style and feature options, your suit will perfectly match your requirements and taste, whether it be for business, a wedding or a special event.

The Bespoke Process

An individual pattern is cut exclusively for you, which is then retained for all future orders, marking what we are sure is the start of a long relationship.

The key to a perfect fit is the ‘baste’ fitting (if you are more familiar with dressmaking this is similar to a ‘toile’ fitting), a prototype fitting which enables us to alter the suit to complement the contours of the female form midway through the tailoring process. King & Allen provide a complimentary baste fitting for your first suit with us. This is true bespoke – crafting elegant and flattering garments that are unique to each client.

The construction of a womens tailored suit requires many specialist craftsmen and women. From the head cutter to the buttonhole maker, your suit requires over 50 hours of detailed work. The result is a garment that will look and feel exquisite, but is carefully constructed to ensure durability – and ultimately value for money.

Established in 2003, King & Allen has built a sterling reputation for the quality and craftsmanship of their women’s designer suits and their relaxed, approachable service. We invite you to book an appointment to view samples of our work and experience the service for yourself.

A small sample of our women's range


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